At any time of the day, for all your desires, 

our Chef and the catering team are at your disposal to please you!

In summer, the restaurant L'Aiguille Grive is located on the Arc 1800 Golf course. The restaurant is only open in the evening for dinner. 

In winter, the restaurant Aiguille Grive is accessible on skis or by foot as it is on the slopes. Open for lunch with its large terrace you can eat without taking off your ski shoes! In the evening a more intimate formula with a daring menu and regional specialities of course.


Every morning, our team welcomes you with a buffet breakfast rich in fresh products and homemade pastries. You will find :
  • Homemade cakes (pistachio, yoghurt, chocolate, nuts ...)
  • Homemade fruit salads
  • Delicatessen from our mountains
  • Pre-cut cheeses from our region
  • Donuts, pancakes, small homemade financials
  • Fresh fruit
  • Honey, jam, Nutella
  • Salted and plain butter
  • Cereals & Seeds 
  • Dried fruits
  • Homemade breads by our baker
  • Hard-boiled eggs or cooked eggs by our chelf himself( on demand).


We also offer fast lunchtime menus. Splendid south facing terrace , deckchairs.

For a moment of relaxation with stunning views over the valley in a fun colorful ambiance.  


Having a hot wine after a good ski day?
How about a game of pool with a whiskey or an exotic cocktail?
A pleasant moment in front of a fireplace while watching the sun go down on our most beautiful peaks. 


The sun has just set and after an active day in the mountains, what could be better than a good meal with friends or family. Our Chef and his team welcome you every evening to delight you with his dishes!
The menu is also rich in regional products!

Chef Thierry Denes

Our chef, Thierry Denès ensures the reputation of our table by selecting fresh, excellent quality products that he and his team work with talent.

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